2020 Winter Season
Draw – Week 6 – Friday 13th March 2020

For safety precautions Please stay off indoor court while Biddy shooting practice in on – 3:45pm – 4:10pm
Once a month Biddy shooting practice will be held in stadium. Please note game time changes.
Please note a New Team added to U12 to eliminate the bye.

Biddy Ball Coaching Mrs Alloway & Parent helpers
3:45 pm – 4:10pm in Stadium for shooting practice
4:10pm – 4:45pm Court 2

Referee Supervisor: Kirsty

4:15 pm – Under 12
Stadium:   Sooper Hoopers  v  Galaxy
Referees: Jack, Chloe & Jacob (shadow) score bench – Seth & Ella
Court 1:   New Team  v  Riverside
Referees: Paul & Dylan       score bench – Riverside Parents

Referee Supervisor: Kirsty

5:05 pm – Under 14 SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED  Kel
Stadium: Comets v Thunder
Referees: Leah & Bailey   Score bench: Jonno & Jasper
Court 1: Sooper Hoopers WHITE v Riverside
Referees: Jack & Sarah    Score bench: Sooper Hoopers Parents

5:55 pm – Under 16
Stadium: Rockets v Riverside SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED 
Referees: Cindy & Caleb   Score bench: Riverside Parents
Court 1: Sooper Hoopers v Panthers
Referees: Chloe & Kirsty  Score bench: Sooper Hoopers Parents

6:45 pm – 18 and Under SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED  Leah
Stadium: Thunder v Saints
Referees: Kevin & Luke   Score bench: Kel & Kirsty

7:30 pm: Gators v Burra Boys SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED
Referees: Kel & Sarah  Scorebench: Brett & Parents

8:15 pm Crocs v Sooper Wolves SHOT CLOCK REQUIRED 
Referees: Kirsty & Kel   Score bench: Parents

U14 Sooper Hoopers RED
U16 Thunder