Register for the 2020 Winter Season

All registrations except Mini Ball/Biddy Ball and Qld Govt Fair Play Voucher Users are via online registration.

Season Dates:

Senior Competition Starts: Tuesday 4 Feb 2020.  Senior Finals – Saturday 20 June (all grades)

Junior Competition Starts: Friday 7 Feb 2020.  Junior Finals – Friday 19 June.

Season Fees:

  • Senior Registration Fee  $50 plus transaction costs.
  • Senior  Weekly Game Fees – $5 per game.  You may pay your game fees as a lump sum ($5 x 15 games = $75) plus transaction costs when registering. (Optional) – [note: if you do not choose this option you will need to pay your game fees weekly].
  • Junior Registration Fee (all game fees included)$60 plus transaction costs.
  • Under 10 (aged 8 or 9) playing in Under 12 Competition $60 plus transaction costs.

Basketball Qld Registration is required for all players in the above competitions –  365 day membership – $31.60 plus transaction costs

  • Under 10 /  Mini Ball / Biddy Ball Program (children aged 5 to 9 inclusive)  – $30.   This program is run on Fridays prior to the Junior Competition.

IMPORTANT NOTES: (please read)

SPORTS VOUCHERS (Fair Play Vouchers)

Juniors wishing to use a Qld Government Fair Play Voucher should print their voucher, sign it and present it to Court Supervisor on the first day of Junior Competition, or forward the voucher by email to  Your voucher will cover the MABA Season Fees for two seasons and Basketball Qld Registration for 365 days for the two seasons (if required).  A $10 administration fee will apply to cover transaction costs.  Upon application you will need to complete a manual registration form so the Association can complete your registration.
Download the Manual Rego Form (PDF) or (DOC)


For more information on the Qld Govt Fair Play Vouchers visit:

Senior Players: 

Senior players (players aged 19 and above) are now being offered the option of paying your game fees for the entire season up front.  This means you will NOT be required to pay weekly game fees.  Payment of the Season Registration Fee will be mandatory when registering, but you will be offered an option to pay your season game fees up front.  Note this is optional.  If you do not choose this option then you will have to pay your game fees weekly.   

Under 10 playing in the Under 12 Junior Competition

If your child is aged 8 or 9 years of age and you wish them to play in the Under 12 competition you will be required to pay the Junior fees and your child must be registered with Basketball Queensland.  You may use the registration button below.

Under 10/Mini Ball / Biddy Ball

If your child is aged between 5 and 9  and you only want them to participate in the Mini Ball/Biddy Ball Program – 


To register your child in this program simply come out to the stadium at the beginning of the season and complete a manual registration form.  The MABA Season Fee may be paid by Cash/EFT when registering. 

Players wishing to Register either as a Junior (ages 8 to 18 years inclusive) or as a  Senior (aged 19 and above) can register by clicking the Register Button below.

Qld Fair Play Voucher users should NOT register themselves online using the button below

For enquiries / assistance with Registration please contact the Secretary by email –