Happy New Year to all players and their families.  Welcome to 2017.

For Seniors the 2017 Winter Season is only 12 days away, so now is the time to start getting your team nominations in.   The Closing Date for Senior nominations is 25 Jan and play commences on 30 Jan.

For Juniors we have two sign on days at the stadium – 27 Jan and 3 Feb starting at 3.30pm.   The Junior Season starts on 10 Feb.

Nomination Forms for both Junior and Seniors can be downloaded from our Downloads Page.

So start getting ready for the 2017 Junior and Senior Winter Competition.

The Association would like take this opportunity to remind all players/coaches/team captains of some of their key responsibilities in ensuring our competition runs smoothly for the benefit of all.  Please take a few minutes to review the notes below:

Responsibilities of All Players, Coaches, Captains or Team Contact Persons

All players, coaches, team captains and team contact persons are to be aware of and comply with the following:

  • Team nominations are to have at least 6 players in order to be accepted. Each team is to nominate a Referee. (this may be a non team player if you have someone else capable of refereeing, eg coach, parent, friend).
  • The local competition rules. Team Captains/Coaches are responsible to ensure that their team abides by these rules (local competition rules are on the website).
  • Players are to pay season registration fees on time. (Competition points will be deducted for non-payment of fees and will apply from Week 3 of the competition -1 point deducted per player whose fees have not been paid. Note: This may affect your overall standings on the leader board).
  • Individual Player registration forms are to be completed and handed in to the Association.
  • Game fees are paid on game day.   No IOU’s (Senior players only).
  • Players must wear correct uniform and team coloured shorts (e.g. all team in black shorts, no colourful board shorts or gym wear)
  • Score bench or referee duties must be done by nominated persons, or covered by team member if the nominated person is unavailable or going to be late. (players will be suspended for the next week’s game for failing to do their rostered duty or not supplying a replacement.)
  • Players are not to wear their playing shoes into the stadium. Put them on once in the stadium.   This prevents dirt and mud from ruining the stadium floor.
  • Players are not to wear jewelry during games. Also, playing gloves are to be worn by players with long fingernails.
  • Weekly draws are available Sunday before game week at the latest, on our Facebook page, Website, on the noticeboard and on the doors of the stadium. Note: draws are also emailed out via our mailing list to those who have subscribed. To subscribe go to: maryboroughbasketball.com.
  • If your team is unavailable to play on the day please text 0400 101 731 or ring 41221857 (stating team name) to forfeit before 12 noon of game day.  Failure to notify the association of a Forfeit before 12 noon on Game Day will result in a forfeit penalty fee of $30 payable prior to next game
  • If you know in advance e.g. 1 or more weeks prior, that that you will not have a team (e.g. due to work/school commitments, etc.) please send a text to 0400 101 731 or email admin@maryboroughbasketball.com so that the draw can be amended to ensure your team is not included in the draw and your team members are not rostered for duties.

Thank you for your continued support in the above matters.  

We look forward to another exciting year of basketball competition.  See you all soon!